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The Afterlife and the True Nature of Reality


“AN ESSENTIAL WORK - VERY, VERY WELL RESEARCHED!! TIES IN WITH MICHAEL NEWTON'S BOOKS SUPERBLY:  After reading over 50 plus books this past year on the whole survival hypothesis, I have to place this very highly in ranking. It's an essential alongside the works of David Fontana, Craig Hogan and others. More science than you can shake a stick at, not just ancient texts and wishful thinking but real, hard facts. I also really enjoyed the writing style, I felt as if I was enjoying a good hearty discussion down the pub with a jovial professor. Seriously educating but thoroughly pleasant too. I really hope the author puts pen to paper again soon. His grasp of physics and his ability to explain it to a layman without dumbing down is a rare gift.” [by AJ on 20 Oct. 2015]   ______________________________________________________________________________________

“Interesting questions and answers about life, death and reality. This is one of the best books I have read on the subject of the nature of reality. The author's investigation takes us through physics and maths (in simple terms so the likes of me can grasp it), NDE experiences, and the author's own first hand accounts of his findings through past life hypnosis. It is a long but riveting read which will need your full concentration, and I would say that many of the theories presented here have given me an insight into what our reality might be.” [by beany on 7 Mar. 2016]

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“WOW. An EXTREMELY well-written book. Innovative, original- I can't imagine anyone doing a better job discussing the myriad issues involved. Mr. Mennella explores Near Death Experience, the notions of reincarnation and karma, past life regression hypnosis, Michael Newton's LBL hypnotherapy, metaphysics, religion and much more. I'm no stranger to these subjects (have studied them for many years as a seeker, academic and clinician) and Mennella does a SPLENDID job. His knowledge is encyclopedic in scope. With full references and citations.

It's no small feat to cover the nitty-gritty of subjects in an entertaining way- Mennella summarizes research and findings core to the issues of life after death and reincarnation, along with the implications NOW, in one's current life. Best of all, Mennella evinces that rare ability to shift from the scholarly to the personal with ease. Woven throughout is self-disclosure. He began as a true skeptic, with a scientist's rigor and appreciation of the scientific method, and it informed his analyses and personal experimentation. He identifies holes in approaches (a few of which hadn't occurred to me), then proceeds to address them, both logically and from what the data show, details his personal experience with them, and finally, offers alternative explanations for some "stickier" phenomena.

At each step he applied tenets to his own life. We're privy not only to his intellect and scholarship, but his life, his personal struggles- his heart of hearts. Mennella's scientific scrutiny and undergoing of Michael Newton's Life Between Life Hypnotherapy are each worth the price of the book- but you get a LOT more. Independent analyses of these perspectives by someone with his diverse knowledge and skillsets (each complementing, informing the others) are sorely needed. Even if you're well-versed in the issues and approaches, a-hah moments abound. Not only was it a highly pleasurable read, but I came away feeling both inspired and the wiser for it- Mennella has MUCH to add to the discourse. Highest recommendation!” [by Trancelucence on March 1, 2015]


“A Profound Work! This book is profound, both in its ideas and its research into the meaning of our human existence. An amazing variety of perspectives are used in the author's attempt to answer the fundamental questions of our existence. These include "NDEs" (near-death experiences), "OBEs" (out-of-body experiences), hypnotic regression, and memories of past lives. The author also refers to authorities in science, mathematics, as well as many famous authors.

One of the things that makes this book so special is that the author does not try to establish himself as some kind of daunting authority. He freely admits that he doesn't know all of the answers. Although he has a Bachelors degree in Mathematics and a Masters degree in Computers, Mr. Mennella presents himself as just a fellow human being who is searching for answers.

Despite this humility, Mr. Mennella is successful at providing his reader with a very wide spectrum of ideas that help to explain both our lives and the "afterlife". This is not a book containing only theories and abstractions. It is abundant with clinical studies in verifiable experiences, including those of the author, which provide authenticity to the writer's explanations.

As an aside, I was quite impressed with Mr. Mennella's descriptions of his own sessions while under hypnosis. They are interesting, engrossing, and revealing. He also includes some sections on mathematics. Fear not! He makes the mathematics understandable and simple enough, even for someone, such as myself, who is not nearly as advanced as he is in this subject. I have never read another author who could parallel Mr. Mennella's ability to present such a diversity of practical experiences and multiple viewpoints to support his writing.

This brings to mind the enormous bibliography he supplies. I was dumbfounded! I love bibliographies because they provide the opportunity to read other author's books on the same subjects. There are twenty fives pages of it, including well over three hundred entries! Here's another proof of this man's humility in not claiming to be some kind of final authority on these subjects.

All that I can say in parting is that I highly recommend this book. It is well worth reading. Be sure that you don't miss it!” [by Michael Alvin on March 6, 2016]  ______________________________________________________________________________________

“Just finished my second reading! Wow! Where to begin. This is a well written book by a author with great passion for truth. He leaves to stone unturned in his personal quest to unlock the secrets of life.

After the first reading, I felt compelled to seek more information about some of the many topics covered in this book. After reading several of the books the author mentioned, I found myself rereading his analysis for greater depth. At what seemed impossible in the first read thru seemed not only possible, but the likely. Mr. Mennella, you've made a believer out of me!” [by Amazon Customer on March 18, 2016]


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