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The Afterlife and the True Nature of Reality

Detailed listing of book contents


Deconstructing the Book's Title

Theses Overview



Chapter 1: Reincarnation and Karma

Chapter 2: Evidence for the Afterlife: The Near-Death Experience

2.1 Overview of the Near-Death Experience

2.2 A Specific NDE: The Pam Reynolds Case

2.3 Responding to the Skeptics

2.4 Skeptic Turned Believer: Dr. Eben Alexander

2.5 What We Learn from the Near-Death Experience

Chapter 3: Evidence for Reincarnation

3.1 Childhood Past-Life Memories: Dr. Ian Stevenson

3.2 Past-Life Hypnotic Regression

Chapter 4: Are Other Lives Recalled via Hypnosis “Real”?

Chapter 5: My Past-Life Regressive Hypnosis Experience

5.1 Background

5.2 A Word about the Hypnosis Experience

5.3 My Past-Life Regression Hypnosis Session

5.4 Analysis of My Past-Life Hypnosis Session

Chapter 6: Karma, Free Will, and the Spirit Realm

6.2 Dr. Michael Newton: Our Life Between Lives

6.3 The Three Great Questions

6.4 The Spirit Realm and Karma

6.5 Free Will

Chapter 7: The Newton Model of the Spirit Realm

7.1 A Note Regarding Source Material and Terminology

7.2 An Overview of the Spirit Realm

7.3 A More In-depth Look at the Spirit Realm

Chapter 8: Is There a "God" and/or a "Hell"?

8.1 Is There a "God"?

8.2 Is There a "Hell"?

8.3 My View Regarding Evil

Chapter 9: Similarities Between the NDE and the Afterlife Model

9.1 Common Features of the NDE and the Afterlife Model

9.2 NDE and Afterlife Model Transformative Effects

9.3 The "Fairness" Aspect of Reincarnation Revisited

Chapter 10: The Elephants in the Room

10.1 Is "Evil" a Necessary Component of Karma?

10.2 Do Souls Co-opt a Preexisting Human Personality?

10.3 Why Are Physical Incarnations Necessary?

Chapter 11: Technology and the Afterlife

11.1 Whitley Strieber’s “The Key”

11.2 Thomas Edison’s Device

Chapter 12: My Life Between Lives Hypnosis Session

Chapter 13: Our Perception of Reality

13.1 Input: The Five Senses

13.2 Processing: The Brain

13.3 Output: A Perceived Reality

Chapter 14: Cracks in the Foundation of Our Understanding of Reality

14.1 Caveat

14.2 Not Exactly Exact – Hairline Cracks in the Foundation

Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and the Copenhagen Interpretation

Chaos Theory

The Big Bang Theory

Darwin's Theory of Evolution


Imaginary Numbers

Euler's Identity

Cantor's Theory of Infinite Sets

Transcendental Numbers

14.3 Sir James Lighthill's Apology

Chapter 15: Waves, Frequencies and Multiple Dimensions

15.1 Matter and Energy

15.2 Waves and Frequencies

15.3 Other Dimensions

Chapter 16: Is Reality "Real"?

16.1 Atoms and Subatomic Particles

16.2 Wave-Particle Duality

16.3 Beginning to Put the Pieces Together: Perception and Reality

16.4 Fields

16.5 Fourier Transforms

16.6 More Pieces of the Puzzle: Perception and Reality

16.7 The Puzzle Complete: Perception and Reality

16.8 Plato's Allegory of the Cave

Chapter 17: The Holographic Model of Reality

17.1 Michael Talbot: The Holographic Universe

17.2 Holograms

17.3 Karl Pribram: The Brain as Hologram

17.4 David Bohm: The Implicate and Explicate Orders

17.5 Form arising out of non-form

17.6 The Holographic Model of Reality

17.7 String Theory: Wave-induced Form

17.8 Cymatics: Form from Non-form

17.9 Bell's Theorem: All is one

17.10 The Holographic Universe

17.11 Light: The Fundamental Component of Reality?

17.12 The Missing Stuff

Transcendental Numbers

Dark Matter and Dark Energy


17.13 The Great Chain of Being

17.14 How True is the Holographic Model?

17.15 A Rethinking of the Afterlife Model

Chapter 18: Hacking Reality

18.1 Lynn Grabhorn: Deliberate Creation

18.2 The Law of Attraction/Intention

18.3 A Personal Experiment

18.4 Hacking Reality

18.5 Hacking Reality: Examples

The Placebo Effect

Guided Imagery

My Utilization of Imagery

The Witch Doctor's Curse

Yogi Mind-Induced Body Control

Visualization and Training

Age Regression

Multiple Personality Disorder and Physiological Illness

18.6 Hacking External Reality

18.7 The Invisible Daughter

18.8 Hacking Reality: A Scientific Basis

Chapter 19: The Answers to the Great Questions of Existence

19.1 The Newton Model of the Afterlife: Synopsis

19.2 The Holographic Model of Reality: Synopsis

19.3 Synthesis: A Unified Model of Reality

19.4 The Great Questions Answered

Chapter 20: The Dimensional Shift

20.1 Dolores Cannon: The New Earth

20.3 Terence McKenna's "Funny Idea"

20.4 The Dimensional Shift as a Birthing Process

20.5 The Indigo Children

20.6 The CHANI Project

20.7 "Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps"

20.8 The Dimensional Shift

20.9 A Grand Test

Chapter 21: My Personal Insight Regarding the Nature of Reality

21.1 An Awakening

21.2 My Personal Insight into the Nature of Reality

21.3 My Hypnosis Session with Mira Kelley: Excerpts

21.4 "In the Beginning there was…"  Logos

21.5 Chaos and Mathematics

Chapter 22: Final Thoughts

22.1 Paradigm Shift

22.2 The Path to Awakening

22.3 Paradise Lost

22.4 The Important Things

22.5 Reclaiming the Right to Think for Ourselves

22.6 Conclusion